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Grass-Finished Beef Cuts

Bones - $4/lb

Bottom Round Roast - $10/lb

Brisket - $11/lb

Chuck Roast - $10/lb

Cross Cut Shanks - $5/lb

Delmonico Steak - $20/lb  *Sold Out*

Fat - $3/lb

Flank Steak - $10/lb 

Ground - $6/lb

Ground Patties - $7/lb

Hanger Steak - $10/lb

Kabob Cubes - $7/lb  

NY Strip Steak - $20/lb *Sold Out*

Organs - $5/lb

Porterhouse Steak - $20/lb 

Ribeye Steak - $20/lb 

Short Ribs - $8/lb

Sirloin Steak - $10/lb 

Skirt Steak - $10/lb

Stew Tips - $7/lb

T-Bone Steak - $20/lb 

Tenderloin Filet - $25/lb

Top Round Roast - $10/lb

Top Round Steak - $10/lb

Corn and Soy Free Pastured Pork

Bacon - $11/lb

Country Style Ribs - $8/lb

Fat - $3/lb

Fresh Pork Belly - $9/lb

Fresh Ham - $7/lb

Ground - $6/lb

Ham - $9/lb

Ham Steak - $9/lb

Jerked Pork Steak - $8/lb

Jowl Bacon - $11/lb

Loin End Roast - $9/lb

Organs - $5/lb

Pork Chops - $9/lb

Shoulder Roast - $7/lb

Smoked Hocks - $7/lb

Spare Ribs - $6/lb

Pork Steak - $7/lb

Sausages - $9/lb

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Grass-Finished Lamb

Boneless Leg Roast - $18/lb *Sold Out*

Ground - $12/lb 

Leg Roast - $15/lb *Sold Out*

Loin Chops - $20/lb *Sold Out*

Loin Roast - $20/lb

Organs - $8/lb

Rib Chops - $20/lb *Sold Out*

Rib Roast - $20/lb

Shanks - $9/lb

Spare Ribs - $9/lb *Sold Out*

Stew Tips - $12/lb